Laying The Foundation For Success


The Applicants chosen to compete in the Germinator will take advantage of TTGEdu, the Tech Garden’s education and training platform. Based on our hands on approach to mentoring and coaching, we’ve built a suite of trainings around 6-core subject areas startups tend to struggle with:

  • Marketing (MRKT)

    Applicants will learn marketing essentials. Tools used to track and measure performance will be highlighted.

  • Sales (SALE)

    Applicants will learn skills used to build customer relationships and successful account management teams.

  • Legal/IP (LGIP)

    Applicants will learn how to structure their businesses while understanding the importance of protecting their “secret sauce”.

  • Finance (FINN)

    Applicants will learn how to create pro-formas, work on their cap tables, and do basic book keeping.

  • Fundraising (FUND)

    Applicants will learn about what angels and institutional investors look for when making deals.

  • Management (MNGT)

    A significant portion of the training will involve leadership and professional development.


A semester in the Germinator is about 6 months. During that time, Applicants will be hard at work putting theory to practice. Each TTGEdu session has deliverables that will prepare and position companies for growth during and after the program. Learn more about the semesters below:

Round 1: “Business Core and More: Intellectual Property”

The first semester of the Germinator focuses on making sure the company has a solid foundation of business and leadership skills to build upon. Topics include team formation, hiring, marketing essentials, customer identification, accounting, bookkeeping, and legal work.

  • MRKT
  • Vision, Mission, Values

    Situation Analysis

  • Target Audiences

    Target Market Matrix

    Competitive Landscape

    Unfair Advantage

  • Positioning

    Positioning Statement

    Goals, Objectives, Strategies

  • Brand Architecture Overview

    Brand Trees

    Value Propositions

  • Reasons to Believe

    Tag Lines


    Brand Guidelines

  • Personas

    Customer Journeys

    Message Mapping

  • IMC Overview

    Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

    Tactical Marketing Plans

  • Communication Timelines

    Media Plans

    Testing, Evaluation, and Optimization

  • Marketing Automation


    Social Media Mgmt


  • MGMT
  • Business Model Canvas

  • Business Plans 101:

    The Idea

    Business Model

    Competitive Analysis


  • Business Plans 101:

    Management and Operations

    Marketing and Sales

  • Business Plans 101:



  • Business Plans 101:



    Executive Summary

  • Building Strong Teams

    Managing People

    Conflict Resolution



Round 2: “Show and Till”

The second semester of the Germinator focuses on validating assumptions using the demands and nuisances of the market. During this 6-month period, Applicants will be responsible for collecting over 100 customer reviews, testimonies, surveys, and feedback.

Round 3: “Dollars and Deals”

The third semester of the Germinator focuses on understanding what investors look for in a deal. This is essential to a startup’s success after the program. It’s our responsibility to make sure teams understand key terms and deal structures in the likely event they get called to the table to discuss proposed deals.

  • MGMT
  • Conserving Cash

    Building Boards (Advisory, Directors)

    Managing Boards

  • Operations


  • Project Management

  • FUND
  • Fueling Your Business: various methods forgetting cash into yourbusiness

  • Finding the Right Investors

  • Deal Summaries

  • Term Sheets

  • The Real World: Pitches to actual angels/VCs for feedback


Round 4: “Sales and Scale”

The fourth semester of the Germinator focuses on sales and the art of closing deals. Teams will focus on creating traction the market by building sales channels.

  • SALE
  • The Art of the Deal

  • Sales Funnel

    Setting Targets

  • Prospecting


  • Term Sheets

  • Lead Management

  • Meeting Management

  • Follow-up/Nurturing

  • Working with Marketing

  • Closing the Sale

  • Post-sales Activities



The Dev Box is an in-house software development shop leveraging the professional, student, and military talent available in the region. Germinator companies will have the opportunity to build alpha and beta stage products all while contributing to the larger ecosystem of technology and business in the region.


Needless to say, each Germinator Company will have the opportunity to enjoy the quality of life Syracuse has to offer. From sports and outdoor recreation, to fine wines and theater, your time in Syracuse will be filled with fun and enjoyment.

Visit Syracuse, NY


The State of NY has taken steps to help startups grow by offering tax incentives for companies establishing corporations in the state. Between the Hot Spot and Startup NY programs, companies are eligible to receive up to a combined 15 years of related corporate tax credits.

Learn more Start-UP NY tax incentives